Belief System and Attendance Policy

Our belief system: The way we coach
  • Practice perfect..stop practice when it is not fast, perfect and efficient
  • Tomatoes vs super balls...mushy vs tomatoes
  • We need to keep athletes active and busy during practice.
  • Coaches are here to serve the athletes.  The best way to serve is to provide the best athletic experience possible, challenge them, accommodate their needs and differences, care about them as emerging humans, listen to their perspectives, modify practices as needed
  • Consider rest phases, optimum number of jumps/throws.
  • Build mental confidence by requiring step counting in hurdles, LJ, TJ, PV and HJ. Jav too.  Steps will become intuitive for the experienced and elite athlete.  We have very few of those.
  • Emphasize pre-event warm up.
  • Research the latest in technique and conditioning training.  The way we were coached may not be the way we should coach, only if it is based on the latest effective coaching strategies.
  • Use specific and meaningful coaching points. Find a balance.  To much dialogue is confusing. Repetitive meaningful coaching points stick.
  • Build in practice levels that differentiates between the weaker and elite athletes. 
  • Know when a drill is not meeting your objectives
  • Plan early, often and enough
  • Use stations for efficiency and continued athlete engagement
  • Perfectly practice parts of the whole. Practice the whole sparingly
  • Don't be afraid to race the kids into shape.  We can use meet events as conditioning.

PraticeBehaviorGuideLines 13.doc