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The remainder of this page contains:
-A brief description of my teaching philosophy
-Classroom expectations arising from that philosophy
-Contact information and expectations

This site will remain a living document; changing as we grow throughout the year. We as a group of stakeholders: the students, our wonderful parents, the administration and myself must all have input. Which means if there's something you think ought to be added please email me.

Contact information & expectations:
email: zhervey@sherwood.k12.or.us
phone: (503) 825-5536

  >  Contact expectations: I will check phone messages after school, and respond to emails once a day. Email is the most efficient way to reach me.

My teaching philosophy:

[The first youtube video is of Dan Meyer. It is his approach to mathematics instruction for all students that first inspired excitement in me.]

YouTube Video

1) Proficiency grading - [stub]
2) Student centered learning - [stub]
3) Tasks - [less stubby]

3) Quality tasks are necessary for students to learn in groups effectively. High quality tasks involve posing a complex situation and facilitating sense making. The gif image below shows a google map of the United States, with a suggested path through each of 48 state capitals. The question being answered is what is the shortest route possible?

I like situations of this type
 for a variety of reasons, foremost is how simple the question is to pose and approach, but how genuinely complex the resulting answer is. Because this situation is open ended there are any number of valid plans. A group of 4 students could construct 4 separate solution strategies each with potential. The construction and analysis of strategies is directly in line with the standards of Mathematical practice in the Common core. 

This last video is included because it is funny. That is all. Have a wonderful day.