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PSAT Information:
Sherwood High School is offering the PSAT (Preliminary SAT) test on Saturday, October 15th. This is a great opportunity for juniors to practice for upcoming SAT tests.  This is also the only opportunity for juniors to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program.  Sophomores may sign up for the PSAT, space permitting.  However, students must take the PSAT as juniors to be considered for the National Merit Scholarship Program. 

To register for the PSAT, students should pay the $25.00 fee to Debi Bear by Friday, October 7th.  Registration is available on a first-come first served basis, but juniors will be given priority.  Debi Bear will keep a list of any students wishing to register that are not juniors.  After October 7th, any sophomores, home-school students and/or students from other schools will be notified of availability to test with us. 

On test day, students should bring their student id card, #2 pencils, calculator and a snack. Check-in for the test will begin at 7:45 am. Test pre-administration will begin at 8am and testing should conclude by noon.  Students will be given a PSAT Practice Test booklet upon registration.  More information about the PSAT can be found here:  https://www.collegeboard.org

ACT Information:

Choose 4 schools to send your scores to:

Make sure to choose up to four colleges to send your ACT scores to when you take the test.  This will save you a lot of time and money later when you are applying as a senior.  Don't worry about sending your first scores! All schools will accept improved scores later and will not penalize you for lower initial scores.

Score reporting:

You may view your ACT score from the school-wide test that you took as a junior via your Naviance account.  If you re-took the test at a later date, that score is not listed in Naviance.  To finalize your college applications, you will be asked to send official ACT scores (if you haven't already done this by listing the school on the day you took the test).  This must be done through the ACT website (www.actstudent.org) and you will be charged for each score you wish to send.  You may also need to send your official scores to the NCAA Clearinghouse if you will be a student athlete in college.  We can't send ACT scores for you because we do not list them on our transcripts

Do you need to re-take the ACT?  Check your selected schools' admissions/financial aid/scholarships websites for information on ACT score requirements for admission and/or merit aid.  A few points can make a big difference!  If you do re-take the test, send all scores!  Don't worry about doing worse in one area and ruining your chances of admission by sending these scores. All schools will accept scores from re-testing and none will penalize you for lower scores from an individual sitting.  In fact, some schools choose to calculate your composite score by matching your highest scores on each section from different exam sittings. Feel free to contact me if you have further questions or concerns.