Advisory is a yearlong (36 week) course.  The grade is transcribed for credit only on for 3rd-trimester. The first and second-trimester grade is a progress grades only and will NOT appear on the transcript. This .5 credit requirement is a graduation requirement mandated by the State of Oregon. 

To receive a passing grade, all assignments must show completed in Naviance 2 weeks before the end of each trimester. Once Advisory teachers post the grades, they will not be changed on the report card. 

An F grade in Advisory will affect athletic and activity eligibility; students must be passing to be eligible.   

The college and career credit is about providing information and opportunities for our students to make smart choices about their plans after high school. Here at Sherwood High, our students have many opportunities, and through the career credit, we provide a variety of possibilities.  

If you have any questions about what assignments are due, make sure you log into your Naviance account and read the welcome page to watch the webcast and complete any and all lessons assigned to you.

How to Update Advisory Grades
If you received an "F" progress, it is important to note that the review process can take up to 5 days to complete. It is also important to note that the grade on your report card will not change because the grade was a true reflection of your progress at the time grades were posted. However, updating your status will change your eligibility status and is communicated to your coach or activity advisor. 

 Link to Naviance Log In Page
Username:  Synergy Username
Password:  Student ID


You can check the status of your student’s career credit, by logging into Naviance Student. Your username will be your email we have on file in Synergy and you will be able to manage your own password. Please take advantage of all the college and career planning tools that are available in Naviance. You can access more information on college and career planning for your student by watching the PowerPoints below. Also, make sure you keep contact with the College and Career information, an Advisory e-mail will be sent out for each Advisory. Check out what's happening in the college and career center by following our Facebook Page, twitter, Instagram, YouTube Channel, and we also use remind. 

For More Information on the Career Credit contact:
Rebecca Barton at

Naviance Powerpoint