Seniors Class of 2017
Mrs. Wilson A-K
Mr. Otto L-Z

Financial Aid Information:

Financial Aid video:

Completing the FAFSA

Naviance Information

Check Naviance for  opportunities to meet representatives from schools you are interested in. Register for visits via Naviance, print the registration page and bring it to your teacher for a signature.  Don't forget to schedule a reminder in your calendar or phone because we won't be sending notes to remind you or release you from class.

Check Naviance for scholarship information.  

Applications: Do you need to know where to start?!?

Make sure you have added the schools that you are applying to in Naviance (“Colleges I’m applying to”).

 All transcript requests are done in Naviance:

1.       Go to the "College" tab

2.       Click on "colleges I'm applying to”

3.       Click on the link "request transcripts"

4.       Click on the "FERPA" assignment found in the "tasks assigned to me" tab and complete the questions.

    •  FERPA stands for “Family Education Rights and Privacy Act” and when you complete this assignment you are giving SHS permission to send your transcripts/other education information to the schools you are applying to. If you are applying to a Common App school you will also have a FERPA waiver within the application to fill out.

5.       Under "my applications" click on the link "have you applied?" and let us know when you have submitted             your application to your colleges.  Don’t wait until the last day before the deadline to submit your                         applications!  We need time to send your transcripts after your application has been submitted.

All of these steps must be completed prior to your deadline so that we can send your transcripts in a timely manner. If you have any questions about this process or any other college application questions, please see Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Otto or Mrs. Barton for help

Letters of Recommendation:

You only need teacher/counselor letters of recommendation if you are applying to a Common App school, or another school that doesn’t use the Common Application but requires letters.  Oregon Public Universities (UO, OSU, OIT, PSU, WOU, EOU, and SOU), Community Colleges, and University of California Schools do not require or accept letters of recommendation for the admissions process.  

 If you need letters of recommendation, follow these instructions:

1.       Complete your brag sheet.

2.       Ask the teachers in person (most schools require letters from core academic subjects).

3.       Once the teachers agree to write your letter, go see Rebecca Barton to assign those teachers to write your            letter.

4.       Make sure to connect your Common Application with your Naviance account by entering your Common             App email address.  This can’t be done until you have completed the FERPA waiver in Common App at                 the end of the application (this is one of the final steps in completing your portion of the Common                     App).

5.     Once you see that your recommenders have completed their tasks, make sure to thank them!

 For a quick reference while you are filling out your apps, click here to download a PDF version of this information.

If you have questions, we are here to help!  Contact Mrs. Barton or your school counselor for an individual appointment at your convenience.