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Weekly Newsletter #3


Dear Bowmen Community, 

Welcome to the end of the first week of school!  While I know it was so very different than any other first week of school, I also know that so many amazing things occurred.  Thank you for your role in that.  I hope you have a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing you Monday!


Melissa Baran

Principal’s Message 9/18/2020

Attendance Updates

If a teacher is unable to attend class, please check Canvas for the asynchronous (not live interaction) lesson.  Teachers will post information there outlining expectations for the day.

If a student is absent from a class, please check Canvas.  The expectation is that the instruction from that day will be available in some form.  This could be a recorded Zoom meeting, but it could also be a written explanation of the learning.  Please check in with your teacher for specific questions. 

Homeroom Reminder

Homeroom begins on Monday, September 21st.  The purpose of Homeroom is to build relationships with one another.  We recognize that something that has been missing for so many people right now is the human connection, and our hope is to provide that for our students in this way.  We will spend our time learning soft skills as well as ensuring that students are prepared for their future next steps.  The credit associated with Homeroom is a graduation requirement, so please plan to attend!

Materials Distribution Next Steps

We continue to work to get materials out to students and families.  Please know that we can not accommodate unannounced drop-ins at this point.  We are directly contacting families with materials and making individual arrangements.  If you have any questions, please contact our Main Office 503-825-6000.

SSD Technology Hub

The Sherwood School District Technology Department will operate a hub for school issued devices in need of service or repair. It will be located at Archer Glen Elementary. Click here for hours and more information.  

Athletic Requirement Changes for 2020-2021

With our distance learning model and changing from trimesters to quarters, we now offer 4 graded classes (used to be 5). Athletes must be taking/and pass 3 classes the quarter prior to and during their season, to be eligible to compete. All other OSAA rules/requirements remain the same. 

Homeroom does not count as a graded class; it is Pass/No Pass.

OSAA Competition Season Timelines:

Season 2:  December 28th, 2020 – March 7th, 2021 
Season 3:  Feb. 22th, 2021 – May 2nd, 2021/May 9th, 2021 for Football
Season 4:  April 19th, 2021 – June 27th, 2021

OSAA Season 2 Winter Sports – swimming, wrestling and basketball: 

Athletes must pass 3 graded classes for 1st AND 2nd quarters.  The first qualifying grades will come from the end of first quarter on Nov. 13th, and the second qualifying grades will come during the season, at the end of second quarter on Feb. 5th.

OSAA Season 3 Fall Sports – XC, volleyball, soccer and football:

Athletes must pass 3 classes during the 2nd AND 3rd quarters.  The first qualifying grades will come from the end of second quarter on Feb. 5th, and the second qualifying grades will come during the season, at the end of third quarter on April 16th.

OSAA Season 4 Spring Sports – golf, tennis, track and field, baseball, softball and lacrosse:

Athletes must pass 3 classes during the 3rd AND 4th quarters.  The first qualifying grades will come from the end of third quarter on April 16th, and the second qualifying grades will come during the season, at the end of the school year on June 17th.

Sherwood High School Quarter Timelines:

First quarter:  Sept. 14th – Nov. 13th
Second quarter:  Nov. 17th – Feb. 5th
Third quarter:  Feb. 9th – April 16th
Fourth quarter:  April 20th – June 17th

If you have any questions, please email Connie Pollock at cpollock@sherwood.k12.or.us or call 503-825-6008.

Introducing the Freshman Success Coach

Please click here to see a welcome letter from Jane Comer, the SHS Freshman Success Coach.

Dine Out for Sherwood Bands at Chipotle

Mark Your Calendars!! Join us for a Dine Out fundraiser at Chipotle in Sherwood on Tuesday, September 22nd from 5pm – 9pm. Right now Sherwood Chipotle is only doing online ordering, so use your app or go online and use code QPX7BXK for the fundraiser! Thank you for supporting Sherwood Band Programs!

Speech and Debate Kick-Off Meeting – 9/21

SHS Speech and Debate is kicking off its 100% Virtual season this upcoming Monday, September 21st, after school (3:10pm – 4:10pm) via Zoom.  If you are interested in developing your voice, gaining confidence as a speaker, and engaging in a lot of spirited debate, we hope you’ll join us Monday to find out what our team is all about.  It’s a great way to stay engaged, make new friends, and keep building your resume even during distance learning!  More info about the club and instructions for joining the meeting are available at this link: https://sherwood.instructure.com/courses/485

Free Meals Available for SSD Students

Our Nutrition Services Department has once again begun meal distribution services for SSD students. Due to an expansion in the food program from the State of Oregon, all students now qualify for free meals through December 2020. Nutrition Services and Transportation are working together to provide meal delivery to all rural routes and bus stops. Meal distribution hubs will also operate at all schools sites for families who reside in walk zones. 

In order for your student(s) to receive meals, you will need to register using our order form, found here.  Please stay tuned for additional information about meal delivery routes and hub hours. 

Counseling Center Updates

To get an early start to the school year, the Counseling team wanted to provide some information to get Juniors and Seniors moving on future-planning. In the coming weeks, counselors will be working to contact each student either via phone or video meeting. Our goal is to have at least one conversation with each student once per quarter. 

For students wanting to take SAT and ACT testing, please see our ACT SAT Fact Sheet

Please see the resources here for setting up your Naviance account and for instructions on how to start applying to college, click the link Applying to Colleges Fact Sheet.

Brenda Wilson, Counselor – Students Last Names A-Dg
Patti Micheo, Counselor – Students Last Names Dh-Hm
Yvonne van Andel, Counselor – Students Last Names Hn-Mg
Jasmine Langeliers, Counselor – Students Last Names Mh-Sc
Tyrone Stammers, Counselor – Students Last Names Sd-Z 

Tracie Harbick, Registrar
Sarah Grider, Registrar 

Please provide your students cell phone numbers in order for the school staff to be able to connect and support your student directly.  

Student Contact Information Update Survey

College Degree Seeking Seniors

The Counseling team has put together this three part video series to help college bound Seniors get started on the college application process. 

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Parent Support Organization

With all the transitions over the past year, our SHS parent group (formerly Parent Advisory Council – PAC) took a close look at who we are and how we support our school. We decided to make the change to Parent Support Organization (PSO) because we feel it better reflects what we do as a group. Our goal is to support the Sherwood High School students, staff, and community in a variety of ways. Different name, same great mission!

NEW Name: SHS Parent Support Organization (PSO)

Website: www.shspso.org


Social Media (links below or search @sherwoodhspso)

President – Nicole Brutosky
Vice President – Cynthia Allen
Secretary – Megan Kundert
Treasurer – Paula Brown
Volunteer Coordinator – Chrissie McLaughlin
Co-Hospitality Coordinators – Jamie Fillinger & Christina Hein

Seniors – Grad Night 2021

Help Wanted!  

We’re less than 300 days from Grad Night – and we need some help!  Please reach out for more information on any of these positions:

Bottle Drop Coordinator   
Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator
Prize Room Coordinator 
Transportation Coordinator

Let’s do what we can to make this a great night for our kiddos! 

Please contact SHSGradnight2021@gmail.com if interested.  

Follow us on Instagram – Like us on Facebook –  SHS Grad Night 2021

Juniors – Grad Night 2022

Attention Junior parents, please join us for an informational Grad Night 2022 meeting October 1st at 6pm. If you would like to join us please email shsgradnight2021@gmail.com.

Other Resources

Attendance Information – 503-825-6000
Distance Learning Daily Schedule
Revised District Calendar 2020-2021
SSD Technology Hub
Technology Services