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Weekly Newsletter #33


Principal’s Message

Now that May has begun, so have a large amount of fun and enjoyable events at the High School. We are excited to host our Prom tomorrow evening, our first off-campus dance in three years! Additionally, we will be hosting our new Spring Fest next Friday, May 13, in our stadium from 6:00-8:30pm. After that, we will begin on the numerous events around our seniors coming to the end of their K-12 careers, culminating in Graduation on Friday, June 10th. After that, our last day for all students is Friday, June 17th, with students being released at 12:20pm that day. We are so excited to celebrate a great year over the next six weeks!

We would also like to thank our community for responding to our plea for safer driving on Sunset Blvd. before and after school. Both schools on Sunset have noticed an increase in the amount of safe driving near their schools and appreciate it very much. Thank you all again for responding proactively to that important safety request!

Have a great weekend, and Go Bowmen!
Mr. Mitchell