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Weekly Newsletter #3



As we get into a more consistent routine at school this week, I am continually impressed with the dedication and effort that our students are giving to their classes, their extra-curricular activities, and to ensuring that we have a positive culture at our school. Our students are kind to one another, engaged in classes, and helpful to everyone in the building. Thank you to students, staff, and parents for everyone’s effort in making Sherwood High School a wonderful place to learn and grow.

With the new school year, we also want to remind families about ways to make our drop-off and pick-up process as efficient as possible. In the mornings, please pull forward until you are parallel to the front of the building and as far into the striped driveway area as possible. The line certainly slows down considerably when students are dropped off on the side of the parking lot, rather than the front of the building. In the afternoons, please again move as forward as possible, and exit immediately after your student is in the car. During both times, if you need to come into the building, or will be waiting for a significant amount of time, please park in a visitor space rather than waiting in the line. Thank you for your help!

Have a great weekend and Go Bowmen!

Mr. Mitchell