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Weekly Newsletter #4



What a wonderful first full week of school! We continue to be grateful for the positive and energetic culture that our students, staff, families, and community are cultivating at Sherwood High School. It is truly a pleasure to get to interact with all of the wonderful people that come through our doors each day!

As we get more settled into the school year, we anticipate that most days and interactions in our building will be positive, but we do recognize that there will be some situations that may require attention and problem solving efforts to help move forward in a productive way. In most of these situations, we ask that our students, with their parents support, are working to advocate for themselves and their needs. Typically, this looks like the student setting up a formal or informal meeting with the staff member that they need to discuss the matter with, and hopefully coming to a mutually agreeable resolution. If that resolution is not reached, we ask that families then engage in conversation with the staff member(s) to find a positive solution. If there is still an issue, this would be the time to begin discussing the matter with the student’s counselor and/or supervising administrator. We have found that this order of events results in a productive outcome in a large majority of situations. We also recognize that their are some situations, most around immediate student safety concerns and very egregious actions, that do require immediate adult intervention, and those should be addressed by contacting our office. In short, If there is any way to build our student advocacy skills while addressing any concerns that arise, we always want to take that approach. Thank you for your support in this effort!

Have a great weekend and Go Bowmen!

Mr. Mitchell