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Weekly Newsletter #7



Happy start of October, Bowmen family!

We talk at length with our students about the wide range of courses and all of the extracurricular activities that are part of Sherwood High School, and we urge students to get involved and find something that they are passionate about. Many of our students have found some of those things and this weekend is a great celebration of that.

We have a home football game tonight, our cross-country team participating in a large meet in Seattle on Saturday, our cheerleading team competing for a state title at Sherwood Middle School on Saturday, our marching band competing in a state-wide competition right here at SHS all day Saturday, and our volleyball team hosting a major tournament also at SHS on Saturday.

These are some of the largest events of their kind right in our town and we encourage everyone to attend them, positively support our students, and see additional incredibly talented students from all across Oregon.

Have a great weekend and Go Bowmen!

Mr. Mitchell