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Weekly Newsletter #9



Well, that was a sudden transition from late summer to fall!

As we continue to navigate our budget issues, please rest assured that we will always provide an incredibly high level of education to our students and families. If you have any concerns, please visit our district webpage for more information, or reach out to us if needed.

Additionally, I’d like to re-encourage our families and students to be safe and efficient getting to school. In our school parking lot, please, please, please, pull as far forward as possible to drop your student off in front of the building. On the days that I’ve been out there to help move traffic along, the line at the light has been significantly shorter when kids are dropped off further forward. Also, with the rain, please remember to drive a bit slower, give a bit more room to the cars around you, and watch for students walking to and from school. Thank you for your help in keeping our school and community safe!

Have a great weekend and Go Bowmen!

Mr. Mitchell