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Weekly Newsletter #31



If anyone knows of an “anti-rain dance”, please let us know! Hopefully the weather reports are right and we have some nicer weather on the horizon!

Our parking situation has improved over the last couple of school years, but one area that we could use your help on is the line-up situation that has developed out on Haide Road after schools. If you arrive before campus to pick up your student(s), we need you to drive into our driveway and move as far forward as is available toward the East driveway exit. In our conversations with Sherwood PD, they highlighted that it is illegal to stop and park on a public roadway and will be enforcing that law moving forward. It has resulted in an unsafe situation in which cars are forced to drive in the middle of the road to pass the parked cars. Our kind police officers have spent the past few weeks providing warnings and information to parents that are parked out there, but that will be turning to enforcement very soon.

We know that there are a lot of students at our school, and only a limited area in which cars can park, so we are asking everyone to ensure that all of those places are used for students pick-up. Thank you very much for your help and understanding!

Have a great weekend, and Go Bowmen!

Mr. Mitchell