Welcome Freshmen!

Freshman Year: The journey begins…

Even if you have no idea where or whether you want to go to college four years from now, the last thing you want is to find out as a senior that you don’t qualify! Here at SHS, we want all students to be college ready so that all doors are open to you later.

Here are some “to do’s” for your freshman year:

  • Meet with your counselor to go over your 4-yr plan. Keep them updated as you make decisions about what colleges or majors you are considering

  • Find out about clubs and activities that you can get involved in. Meaningful participation and leadership positions in clubs or activities can help you achieve your goals of academic success and college/career readiness. Listen to the announcements and ask your parents about information in the newsletter. Look for opportunities to get involved.

  • Make a list of academic and/or personal goals. Be sure to include the action steps you will take to achieve the goals.

  • Get to know your teachers so they get to know you. You may need letters of recommendation later and it’s important that your teachers know you personally. Having a good relationship with your teachers will also help you succeed academically.

  • Check out the websites and social media accounts of colleges you are interested in. Specifically, look for the admission requirements.

  • Keep a record of all activities, awards, volunteer hours, contact information of supervising adults etc.  You will need this information later for college and scholarship applications. Make sure to write down a few notes about what you learned about yourself or others from your participation.

  • Talk with your parents about how you plan to pay for college. There is still plenty of time now to plan ahead to make college more affordable.

Don’t let this information overwhelm you! We are here to help you through your college and career planning. Each year we will guide your through all the steps and make sure you have all the resources you need!

After School Academy Info:

When: Monday-Thursday (except early release days) 2:50 pm -4:00 pm
Where: Media Center
What is it? A free, no appointment necessary, drop-in homework help program
Why? We have tutors and a licensed teacher available to help you complete your assignments and study.  We offer a quiet work space with internet access and a printer. We also have snacks! 
Who: Contact Jane Comer with any questions! jcomer@sherwood.k12.or.us (503)825-5578
Activity Bus available (routes and info in main office)

Math Help Room Info:

When: Monday-Thursday
Where: Room E-4
Improve your understanding of math! Get your homework done! Improve your math grade! Staffed by our math teachers! Activity Bus available (routes and info in main office)