Welcome to Sherwood High School!  Our mission is clear: We believe that as an actively engaged community of learners who are proud of who we are, we will work together to maximize the potential of each student in high school and beyond.  This means that we are committed to providing an exceptional academic program, a robust offering of athletics and activities for student involvement, and a supportive community that welcomes each member to the Bowmen Family.  

Perhaps the best part of our school mission is the word “beyond.”   We exist to prepare students for their future- the future that lives outside of Sherwood High School.  Above all, we hope that each student graduates prepared for and confident in whatever the next steps in life look like.  Ultimately, we want each student to have the opportunity to make the choice about what comes next.  In order to do that well, we believe that intentionally choosing an academic path through high school is crucial.  That is where the Academic Planning Guide (this book) comes into play.

The Academic Planning Guide is designed to help students focus their goals and dreams for the future.  Our hope is that the guide is used to help develop a comprehensive four-year plan for high school that enables students to pursue those dreams and next steps.  Graduation is not our end goal.  Again, the goal is that each student leaves Sherwood High School prepared for and confident in their next steps- whatever those may be.  

Sherwood High School is an amazing place that believes that when students leave here, they will go out and change the world.  Thank you for stepping into that reality with us.  Please let us know if you have any questions and here’s to a phenomenal 2023-2024 school year!


Adam Mitchell