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Weekly Newsletter – 8/25/2023


Message From Mr. Mitchell

We are only a few days away from welcoming our students for the 2023-2024 school, and we are excited to get school started! With the start of school comes the start of all of our extra-curricular activities. Our volleyball and soccer teams hosted their pre-season jamborees yesterday, and our football team hosts theirs tonight (Freshmen start at 5pm and progressing to varsity at 7pm). Next week, our soccer teams open their season on Monday and Tuesday, our marching band has their public performance at 7pm on Wednesday, the volleyball team has their home opener on Thursday at 6:45pm, and our football team opens the season at West Salem on Friday night.

As a school, we have identified improving the attendance for all of our students as the goal that all of our staff will collectively be working towards this year. The state of Oregon defines a “regular attender” as a student that attends 90% or more of the school year, which many of our students meet. Over the past few years, our rate of students who do meet that definition has gone down, and we will work together in a positive way to improve that at SHS. In all areas of the school, students will be even more successful when they are here more often. There are certainly situations in which students need to be absent, i.e. illness, etc., and we completely understand those times. Our goal is to reduce the additional absences which occur throughout the year, as any absence, excused or not excused, is time that students are not able to access instruction, collaboration, support, their teachers, their peers, activities, clubs, athletics, and many other positive aspects of the school. More information will be shared throughout the year, as well as supports and services around attendance for any families who may need them. We enjoy having our students on campus, and we want to see them as many days as possible!

We hope to see you all at our open house on Monday, Aug. 28 (see below for more information)!

Have a great weekend, and Go Bowmen!

Adam Mitchell

Principal, SHS