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Weekly Newsletter 11/9/23


Message From Principal Adam Mitchell

As we’ve talked about at length, a school focus of ours is to raise our attendance rate this school year. This Oregon Live article discusses the chronic absenteeism problem across our state and is being addressed by almost every school and school district in Oregon. In the article, you will find that while our district is doing well relative to other districts in the state, Sherwood’s attendance rate is both below what the state, our district, and our school consider successful.

The goal for all schools is to have 90% of students attending 90% of the school year. After last week., 73.4% of our students are attending school more than 90% of time. On one hand, that rate is higher than it was at this time last year, which is certainly something to be celebrated, and we need to continue to strive to have our kids at school every day that they are healthy. Thank you for your continued effort and support in helping to raise our attendance rate!

Have a great weekend, and Go Bowmen!

Mr. Mitchell