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Liz Barrett: Career Center Director/TOSA

Hannah Beverage: Career Center Specialist

Contact the Career Center: shscareercenter@sherwood.k12.or.us

Career Center Calendar

Click here to view the full calendar of Career Center events, college events, and important dates & deadlines.

Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines:

A full list of available scholarships can be found on Naviance.

American Legion Legacy Scholarship: April 10th

CLEAR Alliance Scholarship: April 10th

Sherwood Chamber of Commerce & Pride Disposal Scholarship: April 12th *LOCAL*

Code Breakers & Changemakers Scholarship: April 13th

National Center for Learning Disabilities Scholarship: April 13th

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Scholarships: April 14th

Resilient Roots Scholarship: April 15th

INCIGHT Scholarship: April 15th

Global Lift Equipment Scholarship: April 15th

Oregon Nurseries Foundation Scholarship: April 15th

Oregon Logging Conference Foundation Scholarship: April 15th

Jazz Education Network Scholarships: April 15th

Ryan T. Herich Memorial Scholarship: April 15th

Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes: April 15th

Oregon PTA Teacher Education Scholarship: April 15th

Oregon Jaycee Foundation Scholarship: April 19th

The Schwallie Family Scholarship: April 22nd

The Lisa Higgins Hussman Scholarship: April 22nd

Synchrony Scholarship for Autistic Students of Color: April 22nd

Student-View Scholarship Program: April 23rd

Generation Google Scholarship: April 23rd

Sherwood High School Key Club Scholarship: April 29th *LOCAL*

Sherwood Rotary Scholarships: April 29th *LOCAL*

OSAA/OnPoint Community Credit Union Scholar Program: April 30th

Dr. Michal Lomask Memorial Scholarship: April 30th

Tzu Chi Scholars: April 30th

Shawn Carter Foundation Scholarship: April 30th

Schweiger Memorial Trade Scholarship: May 1st

Schweiger Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship: May 1st

InfuCare Rx Scholarship: May 1st

The Renaissance Scholars Program: May 1st

James and Marie Ferry Memorial Scholarship (Sherwood Robin Hood Festival): May 1st *LOCAL*

VPA Kris Kearsley Visual Arts Scholarship: May 3rd *LOCAL*

VPA Amanda Polopolus Theatre Arts Scholarship: May 3rd *LOCAL*

VPA Meara Boughey Performing Arts Scholarship: May 3rd *LOCAL*

Sherwood Saturday Market Scholarship: May 3rd *LOCAL*

Lake Oswego Crafts & Arts League Art Scholarship: May 4th

Bowmen Family Foundation, Sergeant Goodding and Marine Captain Contreras Memorial Scholarship: May 10th *LOCAL*

National Collegiate Cancer Foundation Survivor Scholarship: May 17th

National Collegiate Cancer Foundation Legacy Scholarship: May 17th

Stephan L. Daniels Lift as We Climb Scholarship: May 19th

Shays Scholarship: May 20th

B. Davis Scholarship: May 21st

Sherwood Education Association Scholarship: May 24th *LOCAL*

Against the Grain Scholarships: May 31st

Abbott & Fenner Scholarship: June 10th

BigSun Athletic Scholarship: June 19th

William Griggs Memorial Scholarship for Science and Math: June 20th

Pettable Pet Lovers Scholarship: November 1st

Career Talks

Sign up for Flex in the Career Center to listen to guest speakers from a number of industries talk about their careers and how they got them.

All visits will take place during Flex. Sign up for Flex with Ms. Barrett in order to attend.

February 27th: Information Technology (IT)

Click here to see full schedule of events on the Career Center Calendar.

Military Visits

Military Visits take place in the Commons during lunch.

Air Force/Space Force: March 19th

Senior College Planning Night

Couldn’t make it to Senior College Planning Night?

Check out the slideshow here.

Check out the resources we shared:

Senior Resource Packet

ECMC Opportunities Guide (Preparing for College Booklet): English | Spanish

College Tips for Parents/Legal Guardians (ECMC): English | Spanish

6 Ways to Pay for College: English | Spanish

How to Help: College Checklist

College Application Planner

Accessing College as a Student Living with a Disability (ECMC): English | Spanish

Housing Insecurity and College (ECMC): English | Spanish

Accessing College as an Undocumented Student (ECMC): English | Spanish

Upcoming Workshops:

For the complete calendar of Career Center events, please click here.

These Events have passed but have great information. Here are the recordings:

FAFSA/ORSAA Workshop(Recording)

FAFSA/ORSAA Workshop (Spanish-Recording)

Job Corps Workshop (recording of event)

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Financing College:

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The Office of Student Access and Completion (through Oregon Department of Education) has many helpful videos on their YouTube channel about FAFSA, OSAC Scholarships, Oregon Promise, and more.

College Application Tools:

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Career Exploration Opportunities:

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Standardized Testing:

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