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Weekly Newsletter 9/22/23


Message From Mr. Mitchell

As we’ve said, we continue to have a great start to the year! On Monday, we are excited to start our Homecoming week…a great time for staff and students! Our annual Homecoming parade will travel through Old Town to Sherwood Middle School on Friday afternoon, our Homecoming football game on Friday evening , and the Homecoming dance on Saturday night at SHS. In addition to those events, we have the following spirit days at school:

  • Monday: Pajama Day
  • Tuesday: Barbie vs. Oppenheimer
  • Wednesday: Jorts Day
  • Thursday: Color Explosion (wear as much as possible of your favorite color).
  • Friday: Bowmen Out

We appreciate the hard work that our community has done to ensure that our students are at school as much as possible. While we can only work diligently on attendance at SHS and in the Sherwood School District, chronic absenteeism is an issue that is prevalent across the country. In addition to talking with your student about being present at school as much as possible, here is helpful information about supporting them. All of our staff are working hard as well to discuss the value of attendance with our students, as well as implement positive practices to support that effort.

Finally, throughout the year our Associate Principals, Josh Pratt, Katie Voss, and Mike Stead, will be writing some of these updates. Our administrative team thrives on shared leadership, and interacting with our families and community is an important part of that practice. Their thoughts and viewpoints on school matters will be a great addition to this communication.

Have a great weekend, and Go Bowmen!

Adam Mitchell

Principal, SHS