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Weekly Newsletter 10/12/23


Message From Mr. Mitchell

Congratulations to our Marching Band who finished first at the Liberty Marching Arts Challenge last Saturday! Please also join us on Wednesday, 10/18, at 8:15pm at the stadium for their community performance, it will be amazing as always.

With our increased focus on raising the attendance rates for our students, all of our stakeholders, families, students, staff, and administrators, have implemented many different strategies to help us be successful. Our measure of success at this point in the year is to compare this year’s attendance rate to last year’s rate at the same time. With everyone efforts, we are very excited that we are currently over 4% higher than last year at this time!

This is certainly a moment to celebrate and thank everyone for their efforts, they are paying off. Additionally, it is also proof that what we are doing is working, and we need to strongly continue forward to get the most success for our students. Please keep helping to get your student to school as much as possible!

Have a great weekend, and Go Bowmen!

Adam Mitchell

Principal, SHS